We have a wide product range; We manufacture and supply many kinds of chemicals in the field of food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, plant, nutrition, feed additive, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.

Food Chemicals

Chemical substances used for different purposes such as preservatives, thickeners, colorants, acidity regulators.

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

It is pure chemicals that are used in envy and have biological activity.

Agricultural Chemicals

It is a chemical substance used in the production of all kinds of drugs and preparations used for the protection of harms and plant protection.

Cosmetic Chemicals

It is a chemical substance used in the making of the products which make the skin and hair beautiful and keep alive.

Textile Chemicals

It is a chemical substance used in processes such as fiber end, fiber end, dyeing of fabric.

Construction chemicals

It is building chemicals used in the construction sector and produced with the latest technology.










Our Mission

We continue to serve with reliable and quality products produced in the light of every technology developing.

Our Vision

As Piochem Kimya; With consciousness that we must leave a livable world to future generations, we are for man.

Quality Understanding

We operate in accordance with the quality criteria in the sectoral sense and act with continuous satisfaction principle.

Our Business Partners

-- Periodic Element Table --

You can also see all of the chemical elements in the PDF link. All the elements listed in this list; atomic numbers, name, symbol, group and period numbers are shown.